Speech Signal Processing Toolkit (SPTK)
Version 3.11
December 25, 2017

The Speech Signal Processing Toolkit (SPTK) is a suite of speech signal processing tools for UNIX environments, e.g., LPC analysis, PARCOR analysis, LSP analysis, PARCOR synthesis filter, LSP synthesis filter, vector quantization techniques, and other extended versions of them. This software is released under the Modified BSD license.

SPTK was developed and has been used in the research group of Prof. Satoshi Imai (he has retired) and Prof. Takao Kobayashi (currently he is with Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology) at P&I laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology. A sub-set of tools was chosen and arranged for distribution by Prof. Keiichi Tokuda (currently he is with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology) as a coordinator in cooperation and other collaborates (see "Acknowledgments" and "Who we are" in README).

The original source codes have been written by many people who took part in activities of the research group. The most original source codes of this distribution were written by Takao Kobayashi (graph, data processing, FFT, sampling rate conversion, etc.), Keiichi Tokuda (speech analysis, speech synthesis, etc.), and Kazuhito Koishida (LSP, vector quantization, etc.).

This version is accompanied by a Reference Manual. A small User's Manual "Examples for using SPTK" is also attached.

The SPTK SourceForge page contains all the releases, instructions for CVS access, discussion forum, bug tracker and other info.

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Last modified: December 25, 2017